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Greatest Gamer shows chart's largest unit increase. Pacesetter indicates biggest percentage grovrth. I Indicates past or present Heatseeker title.

I,' M--i. SI M'. During a trip to New York at the beginning of February, I popped over to Virgin's Times Square Megastore to check out the outlet's 40 best-selling albums, complete with listening stations. At station No.

By coincidence, "The Album," which was released as an import by U. Within 10 minutes, several copies of the CD were sold. I felt gratified that a record somewhat off the beaten musical path was selling. The power of listening stations for nonmainstream music remained convincing. I was just about ready to write a piece about why a U.

A subsidiary of Profile Entertainment that specializes in diverse, adult-oriented music, Astor Place puts out prod- uct by artists ranging from recently deceased songwrit- ing great Laura Nyro to overlooked jazz titan Conrad Her- wig. About a month ago, Astor Place acquired the U. The group's self-titled album, which Astor Place remas- tered to allow the inclusion of a Spanish-language version of the title track, is due to drop May Marshall Lamm, Profile's director of marketing and publicity, says the Spanish and bilingual versions of the title track already have been serviced to Latin pop stations in the U.

Given the positive reaction to the record via in-store play, Lamm expects to launch a listening-station campaign at retail. Alabina was named after the grandmother of Eti, a come-hither songstress born to an Egyptian mother and a Moroccan father. Her rapidly oscillating high voice in Ara- bic serves as a celestial counterpoint to the earthy Spanish wails of Tonio, lead singer for Eti's accompanying fla- menco-rooted quartet Los Ninos De Sara.

Known as Ishtar on the first incarnation of "The Album," Eti also acquits herself nicely in Spanish on the Latino rendition of the title track. Eti and Los Ninos De Sara are collectively known as Alabina, although their col- laboration seems less the creation of a recording entity than the realization of a musical concept by producer Charles Ibqui.

Demolition replaces Jordi. He provides remixes for the Miami Heat during its basketball games as well. The tear-jerking love song is taken from the band's live album "En Concierto Vol. II," which remains at No. The improvising vocalist, whose new Blue Note disc, "The Messenger" released April 8 , naturally displays his intrepid side, is making a minimum of 20 dates in a variety of area haunts during May and early June.

Night after night, the singer will bounce around Manhattan and its environs, trying to warm ears to his creative approach. The kickoff is at Birdland, the well- known jazz spot. But many spaces, like the Rodeo Bar a country saloon , don't feature jazz on a regular basis, and they're surely not "listening rooms. The business idea behind such an itinerary is to woo a non-jazz listener : ship. It's the right tack for Elling, whose work liberally strays from accepted orthodoxy while maintaining logic and soul.

Similar moves in Los Angeles and San Francisco have suggested that per- forming outside of standard jazz halls is edifying. It isn't because someone has put you in the right place or the right picture is out there in the world. It's because you've done it yourself. And jazz is a performing art — you want to do it and get better at it New experiences are key.

A duet disc by Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter is due from Verve in July the guys are just now finishing up their studio time. Together they helped form the nucleus of Miles Davis' visionary mid-'60s ensemble. The pianist is spending the spring working a string of 16 domes- tic tour dates with a band consisting of bassist Dave Holland, drummer iene Jackson, and tenor saxophonist Craig Handy.

The shows were to begin April 18 in Santa Cruz, Calif. Last year he collab- orated with Elvis Costello. Now, McCoy Tyner spends a disc interpret- ing his tunes backed by an orchestra.

Tyner's latest Impulse! Tyner has a pair of high-visibility gigs in conjunction with the disc. Another talented clirjue is addressing itself to Bacharach 's oeuvre. The various-artists set "Great Jewish Music: Burt Bacharach" is the kickoff of the Tzadik label's series celebrating composers.

Scheduled for release May a Helfgott solo disc titled "Bril- liantissimo" one of the pianist's favorite words , which includes such Helfgott sta- ples as Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody No. Helfgott's recital tour continues in Europe this spring; he will take much of the summer off and return to the U.

Several years ago, Rahbari, an Iranian conductor, launched Discover as a challenge to Naxos for which he had recorded, among other things, nine operas and a complete Brahms symphony cycle.

And while we're on Koch: Titles of two Koch executives were incorrectly stated in this space recently. Omega is the contemporary reincar- nation of Seymour Solomon's Van- guard label, whose plus classical releases date back to and include recordings by Alfred Deller and the Deller Consort, Gustav Leonhardt, Mischa El man, and the Utah Sym- phony under Maurice Abravanel, plus the Everest classical catalog and new recordings.

Omega has released more than CDs, of them remastered from the Vanguard catalog. Iago Music, based in San Antonio, Texas, has a narrower focus and an unorthodox approach. Its most suc- cessful release is "Native Angels," per- formed by the vocal ensemble Savae. Carman opened with a rousing version of "Radically Saved" and went on to serve up an entertaining musical smorgasbord that even includ- ed a country number replete with line dancers.

But perhaps the high point was when Carman gave the audience a taste of his new album with a stirring performance of "The Old Rugged Cross. Primarily what I do is write praise and worship songs, then produce them in such a way so they'll be accept- able in a mainstream market So this is just going back to the original structure of what makes a worship song and that's the words, spirit, and melody.

And we didn't over- produce it We did it just as if 1 was in a church leading a congregation. Another video project he's excited about is a new series he'll be hosting Saturdays nights on Trinity Broadcasting Network. It's very ministering and very exciting. Z pro- gramming manager and co-creator of the project Graham Barnard describes it as a "video show with a mission" that will target to year-olds. The show will be hosted by VJs selected from a nation- wide talent search.

Plans call for the show to be location- oriented and to be produced with the cooperation of non- profit groups and community service organizations. The show will spotlight members of "Generation X" who are making a positive difference in the world and feature music videos. The show will likely be the first of many develop- ments with Z Music, especially now that the network is part of Gaylord's newly formed Family Values Entertainment. Dan Ha ire II and Mike Blanton, co-presidents of the ven- ture, have already made it known that there are plans for changes at Z.

The network has always had a hard-working staff, and under the new leadership, it will be exciting to see what unfolds. As everyone knows, the band's self-titled album debuted at No. For example, at the Blockbuster outlet near Vanderbilt University in Nashville, product sold out so quickly thai Warner Alliance's Jim Sturgeon raced over with addition- al copies.

People could go to their [World WideJ Web site and find stores that had product available start- ing March Convention Center. The event has always been one of the music industry's most highly attended gatherings and NQC executive director Clarke Beasley says that expanding to the West Coast is a result of Southern gospel's growth.

Sumner, James Blackwood, the Hoppers, the Nelons, and the S peers are among the acts who will participate in the event At press time, ticket sales were already more than 5,, and orga- nizers expect extensive walk-up sales. The one-hour program was filmed during a three-day "home- coming" event at Gaither's home studio in Alexandria, Ind.

This show is the second of four Gaither specials due to be shown on TNN this year. In addition to airing shows on TNN, Gaither has, in the last few years, released videos, which have met with tremendous suc- cess. This remains the best thing to do in Nashville on a Sunday evening. Newcomer Israel turned in an impressive set during a recent Sam's Place, as did country act Ty Herndon. As this issue hits the street, the Christian music com- munity will be in the throes of Gospel Music Week at the Nashville Convention Center.

The showcases, lunches, parties, and events are too numerous to mention, but look for a wrap-up in the next Higher Ground. In the meantime, when you see outgoing Gospel Music Assn. GMA presi- dent Bruce Koblish, give him a pat on the back, thank him for the exceptional job he's done the past six years, and wish him well as he starts his new gig May 5 as Reunion presi- dent Have a great GMA week! APRIL AN albums available on cassette and CO 'Aster- isk indicates vinyl available. In addition to the usual distribution channels, Logo direct-markets to such unconventional venues as New Mexico truck stops, national park gift shops, and Roman Catholic bookstores and gift shops.

Savae embarks on a concert tour in May and will also perform in Borders Books fit Music stores; the company's April release, a guitar disc dubbed "Seville To Santa Fe," will also feature a Borders tour this summer for its four guitarists. From the sales and acquisitions of every major Christian record label to the shuffling of the execu- tives afterward to the gale-force winds of change blowing through the artistic community as singers and songwriters decided either to encour- age believers or minister to non-believers — or to do both.

It's been a time when the line between the Christian and general marketplaces have at times softened. For example, a few years ago, who would have thought Virgin Records would have signed a band with an album title as blatant as "Jesus Freak"?

That hap- pened when dc Talk signed a worldwide deal with the pop pow- erhouse while still maintaining its connec- tion to the Christian market via longtime label ForeFront Communications. The diversity of Christian music was recog- nized in a variety of places, as evidenced by Gotee Records act Christafari climbing as high as No. Yet there were times when the line between the Christian and secular worlds were brought even more sharply into A Field In Flux The past year has seen tremendous growth, sales and surprises, but maintaining success in the market remains "a delicate thing.

According to RIAA, the genre ranks sixth in popularity behind rock, country, urban con- temporary, pop and rap, respectively. It is ranked ahead of classical, jazz, oldies, new age and other formats. It's been a rapidly changing world for those involved in the Christian industry.

Word president Roland Lundy also has a few theories about Christian music's growth. It's about freedom of movement. Though I Ml, Zomba and Gaylord have been slaking big claims in the Christian record industry, they are far from the only players on he field.

In the shadows of the consolidation by major main- stream labels, there is an abun- dance of independent record com- panies in the Christian market — Nashville's Cadence Communi- cations has garnered attention with releases this year by Erin O'Donnell and Israel. California's Rugged Records created a stir with its "everybodyduek" [sic] project. Homeland Entertainment New Hinsons.

Among the latter are the opportu- nity to provide artists lots of grass- roots energy and the attention of a small, fin used stall. Peacock's re:think label successfully launched enjoys the benefits of major distri- bution and the advantages of being independently operated.

Smith, Rocketown president Don Donahue and ere- There are numerous independent reeord imprints in Che Christian community releasing product, but if an actual tally was done, they would probably be out- numbered by independent artists who record custom albums for sale in churches and concert halls they perform in as they crisscross the country. Smith's Rocketown and Charlie Peacock's re:think to large-scale operations like Oregon-based Pamplin Music and Chicago's Questar Mission Records to the ultimate in independence: artists who issue product on their own labels.

Public, Out Of Eden, Grits and Christafari; the latter act has not only carved a successful niche in the Christian market, but also has attracted a mainstream reggae following. I, by indus- try veteran Bill Travlor and has become a major force in the Southern gospel community, with artists such as the Speers and the Bishops. Henderson ville, Tenn. Michael VV. Smith's Rocketown label is distributed by Word, which owns a partial interest.

So Rocketown ative manager Derek Jones say their team doesn't want to change what Rice is already doing with his music; hey just want to expand his audience and make more peo- ple aware of what his music has to offer. I think it's happening because we are all working hard to get our artists more exposure, all the major com- panies are working hard, and I think it's paying olf.

In the past year, Gaytnrd faced as the new president of Ben- son after the Zomba acquisition. Music, with longtime R. Things remained stable at Word following its purchase by Gaylord. So those buyers who came in and bought the WOW project might have bought some other projects which helped.

They have sold a lot of product in the general Entertainment purchased Word Records And Music, and most re- cently acquired Blanton, I larrell Entertainment, and have created Family Values Entertainment. The new division will encompass those two companies as well as Z Music Television, which is slated to undergo changes.

That's where those numbers come from, and that expansion is a field afire. In the wake of the changes, sev- eral key executives in the Ghristian industry have left their posts. Reunion's longtime president Terry Hcnmiings, along With the majority of the Reunion staff, exited after the Zomba purchase. Reunion re- cently announced that Bruce Koblish will leave the Gospel Musk Association and take over as presi- dent on May 5. The office had been vacant since October.

Star Song Communications president Jeff Moseley depart ed and later sur- ownership, and I'm really looking forward to the future As far as the industry is concerned, it seems that with the acquisition of Benson, there are now three good, solid, substantial players in our market, not to discount the independents, because I think they have a place loo. Zomba, has "a good attitude toward Ghristian Stei'en Curtis Chapman weren't caught up in an overstated expectancy level.

Resound focuses heavily on the mainstream market, with product that can find an audience in both the GBA and general markets. I don't see any shortage of people who want to venture in, because the climate is good. We've been very fortu- nate, because radio is the gate- keeper of what we do.

Organic Records, headed by industry veteran Marc Whilmore. Organ ic's first act is the Nashville-based band Say-So. Warner Christian Distribution or Brent- wood, but in a market so Hooded with product from both majors itulniioit mi f. For more information, call our viewer services line at 1. The list offers a year-to-date glimpse of how this category is shaping up for December's Year In Music issue. Gotee Records president Joey Elwood says Christian labels tend to be distribution -based and could stand to be a little more promo- tions-oriented.

For years, Southern gospel artists have made comfortable livings from road sales, and more con- temporary acts are finding there are advantages to taking their careers into their own hands. The ministry is paying me a salary and some insurance, and I guess if that's being successful. I do it. I don't have to go Dohut it himself: Stnv Atnrrson through a lot of people.

And as the major Christian labels are controlled by a few cor- porate entities, radio, retail and consumers will likely continue to look to the independents for dif- ferent musical perspectives. Call now! Beverly "BAM" Crawford, that has been the case. In the 20 years span- ning her ministry, Crawford has published nearly a half- dozen books, built a congregation of 2, at her Ingle- wood, Calif. Now, with the release of her new album. The vision Crawford has for the choir is to do it all — gospel, inspiration, contemporary.

The release marks the debut of Harmony Records. The label, the brainchild of Raina Bundy, was actually launched in December of last year, as a division of New York-based Relativity Records, known for its success with acts like Bone Thugs-N -Harmony.

What Bundy sincerely hopes to do is help raise the stan- dard in gospel with acts like Crawford's Purpose as well as Oleta Adams, whose gospel project "Come Walk With Me" — which ships to retail June 6 — will mark the label's second release.

Showcases for both artists are planned for the Gospel Music Workshop's annual meet in August. Bundy has also scheduled regional listening parties throughout the country aimed at getting the support of key industry players and gospel radio announcers.

There will be videos and tour support for each artist. Aside from Purpose and Adams, Bundy is slating Edwin Hawkins' Seminar Mass Choir project, recorded live last year in Dallas, for release this summer and has plans to sign three additional acts by the end of the year. AIR reps had been concerned about the light to moder- ate airplay Barnes' 18th recording, released in November, had been receiving. I just can't believe it took five months to get there. Winning moms will receive a phone call from Barnes, din- ner for two, and a bouquet of roses.

This success is but one of a number of reasons why Renzer is celebrating a happy first year at the company, having arrived there from a decade at Zomba Music in New York as its U. While Renzer and his staff have moved in a number of acquisition areas, Renzer says he's gotten a first- year corporate birthday present with the long-expected finalization of the company's acquisition of the hot Interscope music publishing arm of Interscope Records.

Renzer notes that EMI has acquired the Manny masters, which he says will greatly expand the label's consumer base. Alvarez further notes that since owning the Latin section, MCA Music has acquired more than 2, Spanish- language works, including signings of individual artists and groups. They include Enrique Iglesias in most terri- tories outside the U. MCA controlled publishing of all tracks on Morissette's first album, which has sold more than 15 million units globally.

Their themes vary and may be classified as romantic, religious, humorous and slightly satirical. They are "musical" and tuneful and I sincerely believe they are worthy of being sung by recognized accomplished singers. I am a South African living thousands of miles from the musical and theatrical world and consequently searching for: 1. A soprano and tenor with experience and recognized professional repute to listen to the tapes and lyrics with a view to singing them publicly.

A i"ecording company. A theatrical company to read and listen to the musical plays with a view to their production of the stage. Will anyone interested contact me. Blige, and Big House. The act's "Your Woman" is No. Chemical, Renzer further notes, has made a "six figure" ad deal in Europe for Pirelli Tires.

Renzer also says that John Brands, senior VP of international, based in London, has added important ar- rangements, including worldwide ties with the publishing division of Epi- taph Records and the group No Effect. MCA Music's physical plant is also changed under Renzer. MCA has also renovated its offices in New York and recently moved into its new building in Nashville, the former studio and offices of Ronnie Milsap.

Ed Arrow, head of copyright, is also located in Los Ange- les. Another key New York staffer brought in by Renzer is Ed Razzano, a former ad-agency executive, who is manager of creative services and reports to James. Overall, Renzer says he's beefed up the staff so that its worldwide roster is about , 70 of which are located in Los Angeles and 10 in New York.

I've got to be more aware of international publishing issues and their impact on publishing, such as Mexico's new copyright laws. Justin Combs. Sean "Puffy" Combs, Dene Angetettie. Ron Lawrence, Andy Armer. Randy Badazz, Ricky Walters. But the most surprising of his co-authors is none other than Frederic Chopin. Yes, back in , a planned show that never was mounted had Ira writ- ing words to melodies posthumously provided by the great 19th-century composer.

One lyric was set to a love- ly, passionate Chopin etude, the same tune of which, with another lyric, would well serve singer Jo Stafford decades later. Gershwin's version was called "My All," a song that would say it all as a vow of low to be sung while a bride walks down the aisle.

Gershwin's Chopin connec- tion and other entertaining in- sights about the Gershwin lega- cy were the sub- ject of a third and final "Ira Gershwin At " tribute April at New York's Weill Recital Hall. The idea this time around was to present songs whose melodies came from writers other than George, and that's what! Chopin comes in.

And thanks to a wonderful cast of singers — Anna Bergman, Kurt Oll- mann, and Jeanne Lehman — and pianist Steven Blier, who, with great enthusiasm, put some of the material in historical context, it was an en- chanting, civilized event, mirroring the other Weill Recital Hall tributes. In total, 23 songs without George's tunes were presented.

In truth, per- haps two or three — especially "I Can't Get Started," with a melody by Duke — are familiar to most audi- ences. That doesn't necessarily mean lesser quality, only lesser-known works, a factor that made the evening one of exciting discovery. As an encore, each performer sang by Irv Lichtman a song Ira wrote with George.

For other territories, according to Poe, expect announcements in the next few weeks. Roy Orbison, and Clint Black. PolyGram will co-own and co- administer the catalog with Hamstein Publishing Co. His latest album, fea- turing several leading rock artists, is "The Peacemaker. Bush, "Razorblade Suitcase. Metailica, "Load. Dave Matthews Band, "Crash.

We cut the album in a week, and I never stopped grinning from begin- ning to end because it all fell into place so brilliantly. Born September 30, , in Sur- rey, England, Dudgeon started his career in the early '60a as a "tea boy" at the original Olympic Studios in London before landing at Dccca Records' studios in West H amp- stead, London.

At Decca, Dudgeon engineered the Zombies' classic "She's Not There," a task given to him when the first engineer was unable to complete the session. As an engineer, that was my first No. The cause of death was unoffi- cially listed as a heart attack.

Wiener was on the verge of mov- ing his Quintessential Sound Inc. Ground- breaking was scheduled to begin this month to add four floors to the two-story building on West 54th Street. He had hired the Walters- Storyk Design Group to oversee the project. In what is believed to be one of the last photographs taken of him, Wiener, far right, posed with a group of industry professionals at the recent Audio Engineering Society Convention in Munich. Wiener is survived by his par- ents, Michael and Zena Wiener, and his sister, Jennifer.

I just loved music," Dudgeon says, adding that he really wanted to become a pro- ducer. He also produced David Bowie's epic single "Space Oddity. Moreover, Dudgeon points out that "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" was started in Jamaica but was moved to France because the Jamaican studio was deemed inade- quate.

In the meantime, John had written a second album's worth of material. When Dudgeon and John parted company in the late '70s, Dudgeon intended to work on a variety of pro- jects. However, he first had to con- vince potential clients that he was not one-dimensional. In the '80s he built Sol Studios, now owned by Jimmy Page. Dudgeon's success in finding good songs and fostering great perfor- mances has been his hallmark for 30 years, enabling him to move effort- lessly from rock and pop to country and blues.

Carlos Broady, Nashiem Myrick. Sean "Puffy" Combs, Stevie J. Stroud, C. Michael Patterson. Modern Rock, Rap. As the corporate face of the interna- tional record industry, he says he feels as strongly today about the issues fac- ing him as he lit! However, despite his inward passion, Garnett is not a man who has a reputa- tion for showing his emotion to the world at large. Since , he has been man- aging director of Mercury Records Australia.

Allen follows in the footsteps of such seasoned British music execu- tives as Paul Russell, Rupert Perry, Peter Jamieson, and Tim Read, for whom postings to Australia provid- ed early career experience as heads of operating companies. Garnett's analytical abilities were most highly praised in the wake of the World Intellectual Property Organisa- tion conference at the end of last year Billboard, Dec.

The meeting produced two documents central to the protection of labels' rights in the digital age, and Garnett's legal expertise and political acumen were seen as highly significant in ensuring their approval by the conference in the face of well- orchestrated and well-financed opposi- tion from global telecommunications companies.

Garnett himself sees these treaties, the most significant of which is known as "The New Instrument," as one of the three most important developments of his years in office. The other two issues he defines as the growth in excess CD-manufacturing capacity, particularly in Southeast Asia Billboard, April 12 , and the slower- than-anticipated development of the information superhighway.

In fact, we're spending more time on the implications of technological develop- ments like DVD. We're going to take a much more aggressive line with the equipment manufacturers.

While the orga- nizers of probably the single-most important event in rosana the history of Spain's music in- dustry claimed it as a great success, many insiders expressed surprise at some of the nominees and winners at the April 10 show. Though she was completely unknown and had never played live in front of more than 80 people when MCA, now Universal Music, released "Lunas Rotas," her debut album, last June, the set has since sold more than , units in Spain and has never left the top six in the charts.

The album was recent- ly released in 30 countries, including the M. The first Spanish Music Awards was organized by local authors' society SGAE, the world's fifth largest group with 40, members, and the per- forming artists' association AIE amid a wave of optimism in the industry fol- lowing reeord sound carrier sales fig- ures in The ceremony w;ls carried live by the Cadena radio network and, two hours later, by national TV station Tele 5.

Tic Tac Toe, the all-female trio signed to BMG Ariola Hamburg, will be forced to find a new moniker if a Hamburg media agency of the same name, which argues that negative press coverage is jeopardizing its busi- ness, has its way Billboard Bulletin, newsline British-based Smith announced April 11 that Bamford, managing director of W H Smith Retail, was stepping down as a director of the Smith group with immediate effect.

Smith chairman. CMA has appointed Jan Garich as its representative for Germany, Switzerland, and Austria as part of the orga- nization's expantled international presence. April However, German media have been reporting that the three band members — Jazzy, Ricky, and Lee — are in fact much older than they admitted and that Lee's past, the pajiers claim, contains a number of controversial ele- ments. But Eckart Gundel, managing director of BMG Ariola Hamhurg, insists that the contract with the Tie Tac Toe agency is binding and says he is adamant that the group has no intention of relinquishing its name.

Tic Tac Toe, produced by Boerger, has become the most successful Ger- man act in years. The current single. Despite the recent negative pub- licity, Tic Tac Toe fever remains unabated. The group's self-titled first album has been in the top 10 for 50 weeks, with sales of more than , units, according to BMG.

The second album, "Klappe Die 2te" Sec- ond Take , which BMG Ariola Ham- burg has slated for release Monday 21 , has already attracted advance retail orders of more than , units, according to the label.

With sales of more than 40, tickets, the current Tic Tac Toe tour is sold out. Gundel says that the considerable marketing and promotion investments made by the company after signing Tic Tac Toe in August to break it as quickly as possible have paid off, giving the entire record retail indus- try new stimulus.

Tic Tac Toe have captured young people's imagination," he says. Italy is the only country in MTV Europe's Southern region; the sta- tion's programming there will, from September, be broadcast terrestrial- ly 23 hours a day by tele-shopping network Rete A.

The move will also enhance MTV's distribution to cover the whole of Italy. MTV is currently available in Italy via pay-TV network Telepiu, which carries the station for four hours each afternoon and seven hours overnight. New legislation in Italy means Telepiu soon will have to abandon its terrestrial frequency for purely satellite and cable distribu- tion.

Hansen says MTV's expanded presence in Italy will give the station a hugely increased capacity to "explore many new programming initiatives for Italy. Of what this means for Italy, he comments, "We'll be playing much more music and focusing on the core of what MTV is about. It's crucial that we have dis- tribution that's seen to be a player be- cause there are so many channels there.

Dell'Orto says that locally pro- duced programming will remain at four to five hours a day when the dis- tribution switch is made in Septem- ber, though Hansen states that this total will grow rapidly. Dell'Orto comments, "I want to create a network that will become a point of reference for young people. Spice Girls and U2 have been booked to appear, accord- ing to the company. Observers suggest that, in this first edition of the show, some of the nomi- nations were inappropriate to their category, that some winners were vir- tually inactive in , and that rock was almost absent from the event Critics say that singer Carlos Cano, who won the traditional folk award, has never before been perceived as a folk artist They also note that the classical music award went to the Benedictine Choir of the Santo Domingo De Silos monastery, whose Gregorian chants found worldwide success in , and that rock music was merely glimpsed with the video award won by Mikel Clemente for Extremoduro's single "So Payaso.

Ironical- ly for an event that is looking toward the 21st century, the award went to a series of concerts that marked last year's 50th anniversary of the death of classical music composer Manuel de Falla. SGAE executive president Teddy Bautista, the industry's main mover and shaker, said immediately after the ceremony that "it went much better than I thought, and everybody now knows this is a permanent annual event.

Event organizer Carlos Lopez, who on May 1 becomes director of BMG Ariola Spain, said before the event that the most positive feature of the nomi- nations was the number of female artists included. Protecting labels' rights in the anoth- er new context, the growing area of sub- scription music services pioneered by such companies as DMX and Music Choice Europe, is another facet of IFPI's raison d'etre.

However, in this arena, Garnett sees the need for a rad- ical new approach. We've got to get away from laws that say record companies should have equi- table remuneration for the broadcast of their works. Producers of music should have access to those systems to sell their products. If we do not, the producers will be squeezed out and given a pittance for providing this entertainment" Asked about the theme of his five years at the helm of the IFPI, Garnett says, "The main thing is the communi- cation with the industry.

Over the last five years, we've had more and more involvement with the industry. Lopez added that the awards ceremo- ny was important to make people see that "there are many musicians who dedicate their lives and efforts to the world of cultural creativity. Providing access is a very important achievement" Asked about his own analytical style, Garnett says its effects can be seen in the changes he made at IFPI's Euro- pean Union liaison office in Brussels.

Noting the office's new and additional staff and its more aggressive presenta- Guerra, Rosana singing a Ketama song, Galician bagpipe player Carlos Nunez with Basque accordionist Kepa Junkera and flamenco guitarist Juan Canizares, Pastori, and rock veteran Rosendo. The majors and many indie labels grouped in the AFYVE organization will have their first music awards cer- emony in October or November, under- lining the industry's optimism.

He has a law degree from the U. Hav- ing qualified as a solicitor, he joined IFPI as legal assistant in and, prior to becoming director general, was regional director for Asia and the Pacif- ic from to i, before being briefly promoted to the post of director of international operations and legal affairs in early Asked whether the head of IFPI needs a colorful personality to be an effective figurehead for the record industry, he states, "Being in the process of creating the kind of profile the industry needs, you need to be fair- ly careful about the way you do it.

In doing so, the local group of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry IFPI and the Belgian Video Federation BVF stressed the emergence of a grow- ing market in which the difference between audio and video is increas- ingly blurred. The volume of the market grew by 5. Says Christophe Turcksin, man- aging director of Brussels-based independent label Double T Music, "The current stagnation is due to the replacement market coming to an end, and because everything comes down to just one carrier: the CD.

In , 1 foresee further stag- nation rather than revival. Newcomers Get Ready! His new album, "Good Stuff" Opus 3 , showcases his fine fingerpicking guitar technique and a smooth but impassioned vocal style with a gospel tinge that owes a lot to Taj Mahal but also reaches back to Leadbelly and Big Bill Broonzy. Also featured is the outstanding Swedish slide guitarist Goran Wennerbrandt, who plays a year-old steel-bodied National guitar.

Despite his North European residence. Bibb's roots lie deep in the American blues and folk traditions. His father was singer Leon Bibb, who was part of the New York coffeehouse scene in the early s. Bibb, who moved to Sweden "because the climate in the U.

July 2. T at the U. One of the most intriguing acts to have emerged from this scene is the St Petersburg, Russia-based vocal duo Zikr. Consisting of Olga Tkachenko and Igor Silin, Zikr began in and has since hatched six locally released albums. The singers perform a queer style of ritual, shamanic, scat vocalese that embraces traditions and techniques borrowed from Asiatic singing and Muslim and Buddhist chants to create a range of sound and tones almost equal to that of a symphony orchestra.

The duo has recorded with various extraor- dinary musicians over the years, all masters of their respective instruments. The awards, which arc to honor the best of British reggae, were siwnsored by The Voice newspaijer and based on votes by the public. The brothers' earliest influences came from their Viet- namese-born father, who is a classical guitarist, and their singing Danish moth- er, who recorded with various local acts in her teens.

At the age of 17, having switched from classical guitar to piano, Niels went to the U. The Doky Brothers are currently on the road, with artists on the album featuring at selected shows. The self-titled set includes two original compositions by Dautovski, "Selska Igra" and "Ljubov I Smrt," alongside newly arranged versions of traditional songs, and it combines the complex rhythmic traditions of Macedonia with the emotional power that is part of this region's musical heritage.

Acts Find Opportunity With European Indie Labels European independent record companies have a long tradi- tion of providing opportunities for American musicians working out- side the U. The rush of images in Julian's songs, sketching strange city charac- ters and relationships gone askew, are the product of a first-rate urban-folk artist.

Julian's first break in Europe has come thanks to Suzanne Vega, another artist who shrugged off the urban-folkie label early in her career; she chose Julian to open for her date European tour this spring. To bolster Grapevine's release of "Richard Julian," the singer is expected to return in June to play showcase dates in Europe on his own.

Northern Californian folk-rock from a veteran artist finds a home on Germany's Taxim Records, which has released the self-titled comeback album from Peter Lewis, who made his name in the '60s with San Francisco's Moby Grape.

Pro- duced by a fellow veteran of the San Francisco scene, John McFee, and featuring a stellar band, including former Creedence Clearwater Revival bassist Stu Cook, the al- bum has received limited notice as an import in the U. Lewis' voice sounds stretched by his material at times. Yet such songs as "To A Land Of Milk And Honey" and the upbeat "Changing" still evoke a spirit of optimism that flows across the years from the Summer of Love, amid lush harmonies and acoustic flavorings.

A beautifully packaged doublo-CD, it brings together two albums, "Coyote" and "Straight From The Heart," and showcases a unique tal- ent. On "Coyote," Dar- row taps such sounds as flamenco guitar, Native American flute, and Greek bouzouki to create atmospheric and evocative instru- mental soundscapes.

In contrast, "Straight From The Heart" unleashes a sparse and often raw blues-rooted vocal, guitar, and piano style on its 19 songs of emotional upheaval. Elsewhere on the indie-blues front, German's Ruf Records has recently released a new album titled "Reckless" from American blues- man Luther Allison, which has been picked by for distribution by Pinnacle Records in the U.

With the U. But the good news for cyber-sawy readers world- wide is that the content of Robbins' first four record guides can now be accessed on the World Wide Web at httpyAvww. Downchild," the band has been together for 28 years.

Currently, Downchild performs dates per year, mostly in Canada, says Walsh. Since then, the band has performed intermittently in the U. In the past two years, Walsh has been trying to develop a circuit in Southern Florida for the band. From its inception, members have drifted in and out of Downchild. There is nothing overly inventive in its perfor- mances, but there's also no w r asted notes or pointless jams.

A former truck driver who once op- erated a acre pig farm north of GARNETT Continued from page 57 contribute more by trying to focus on our objectives than by cutting some provocative kind of figure in public for the industry. We've got to bring in new skills; we've got to restructure and refocus. We've got to start attacking manufac- turing where it obviously infringes upon our rights.

But for the past 20 years, it's been Walsh who has hired the musicians, coordinated bookings and recording contracts, and received whatever profits were left over. He insists that having a manager other than himself makes little sense. Also, managers tend to spend money without looking at budgets. When I spend money, I look at budgets.

The songs were written by Walsh and Jackson, and like previous Downchild compositions, were inspired by American blues. When the idea of the song strikes me, I'm sometimes fortunate to be in a position to write it dow T n and make a note of it If I'm lucky, I have a guitar nearby and I can play it as well.

At 15, he was struck by the music of Jimmy Reed, a sweet-styled Mississip- pi bluesman. Walsh would go to bed with Reed's double album, "Live At Carnegie Hall," on the record play- er and wake up with it still playing.

Hosts Dope Knife, a rapper and visual artist, and Linqua Franqa, hip hop artist and politician, explore the history of public policy and its impacts on Hip Hop life; what Hip Hop culture tells us about our political reality; and the role of Hip Hop in shaping our political future. Hope, Through History. HTH explores some of the most historic and trying times in American History, and how this nation dealt with these moments, the impact of these moments and how we came through these moments a unified nation.

The Breakdown with Shaun King. Join Shaun as he unpacks the most important stories of injustice, racism and corruption, but also tells you who's fighting back and how you can support and join them with practical action steps. View All Featured Podcasts. Saturday 7 March Sunday 8 March Monday 9 March Tuesday 10 March Wednesday 11 March Thursday 12 March Friday 13 March Saturday 14 March Sunday 15 March Monday 16 March Tuesday 17 March Wednesday 18 March Thursday 19 March Friday 20 March Saturday 21 March Sunday 22 March Monday 23 March Tuesday 24 March Wednesday 25 March Thursday 26 March Friday 27 March Saturday 28 March Sunday 29 March Monday 30 March Tuesday 31 March Wednesday 1 April Thursday 2 April Friday 3 April Saturday 4 April Sunday 5 April Monday 6 April Tuesday 7 April Wednesday 8 April Thursday 9 April Friday 10 April Saturday 11 April Sunday 12 April Monday 13 April Tuesday 14 April Wednesday 15 April Thursday 16 April Friday 17 April Saturday 18 April Sunday 19 April Monday 20 April Tuesday 21 April Wednesday 22 April Thursday 23 April Friday 24 April Saturday 25 April Sunday 26 April Monday 27 April Tuesday 28 April Wednesday 29 April Thursday 30 April Friday 1 May Saturday 2 May Sunday 3 May Monday 4 May Tuesday 5 May Wednesday 6 May Thursday 7 May Friday 8 May Saturday 9 May Sunday 10 May Monday 11 May Tuesday 12 May Wednesday 13 May Thursday 14 May Friday 15 May Saturday 16 May Sunday 17 May

Singer/songwriter Damon (just Damon, no last name) put out an extremely obscure, folk-tinged psychedelic album in , Song of a Gypsy, of which only copies were pressed. Such is its rarity that mint copies have gone for as much as $ or more.

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  5. Don't Be So Shy (Filatov & Karas Remix) Stéfane Goldman Imany d-4db3ce4f Hate the Way Hot Boy Anthem (feat. Harm Franklin) Curtis Waters 02f0cea-4cbfab0bc TOPSECRET Vocal Radio Edit) Lee Cabrera & Thomas Gold 0a52e9fb-f0df8c-8fe3-dee1eeaba A Bar Is A Bar Is A Bar Byrd E. Bath & The Gay.
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