Give Me Everything - Das Damen - Noon Daylight (Vinyl)

Systematic Phallic Overture. Draft Me. Nature Is Disgusting. Faces Of Feces. Burning My Eyes. Piece Of Mind. This Room. Decisions In Time. One Eye Is King. Ripe Fruit. Deep Hibernation. Miss Interpreter. Sugar Bag. Funk 49 Live In Tokyo ' More Than Me.

In A Lemon Twist. Fire Escapes. Another Pair Of Shoes. Liss has long been developing and refining digital tools that allow her to digitally paint and draw over projected videos. The result is a vivid and unpredictable encounter between sound and image. Unless you are a Native American, you or your ancestors came here from somewhere else on the planet.

We came here to be free of religious persecution, free of royalty and able to choose our own paths. Do not let extremists tell you otherwise.

Immigrants are not the enemy, they are our friends, relatives and fellow humans who we need to reach to, to help us heal and get through the creeping fascism that is taking over the world.

Put away your phone and say hello to a stranger. Give them a hug, it will help bring both us together. He was a source of inspiration for a number of bands and songwriters.

When I finally got around to buying his albums five, all from the sixties , I realized how incredible he really was. That deep, dark cosmic voice and every song, a gem. I urge you to check out any of his albums, all are superb.

A more recent friend of mine, Jennifer N. They have been communicating to her, so I have started to do some research about dolphins and find them to be fascinating. Got to find that book by I have about dolphin research by John C. Lilly somewhere in my collection. Hybrid by design, it is a musical instrument, a series of live performances, and an installation composed of thirty-two sculptures, utilitarian vessels, and decorative objects from the Museum collection.

Selected for their natural pitches, which range from low C to high G on the chromatic musical scale, they form an arresting and unexpectedly versatile instrument, similar to an organ with multiple pipes. The Vessel Orchestra has two distinct modes. During Museum hours, a pre-programmed audio interface will play a new composition written by Beer, activating the vessels in real time—"player piano-style.

Strictly limited capacity; first come, first served. Line will begin at 3 pm in The Met Breuer Lobby. No further admittance once maximum capacity is reached. The Mothers of Invention 2. John, the Night Tripper 4. Procol Harum 5. Sir Douglas Quintet 6. Butterfield Blues Band 7. The Byrds 8. Creedence Clearwater Revival 9. Tim Buckley Santana Blues Band Chicago Transit Authority The Chambers Brothers Lighthouse Canned Heat Janis Joplin Revue Three Dog Night Hugh Masakela Mother Earth Buddy Miles Express Biff Rose who was the MC Iron Butterfly yuck!

Little Richard last set, which I missed BB King Considering that my two favorite bands at the time were playing, The Mothers of Invention and Jefferson Airplane, I just had to get there. It was a long schlep, but we were determined to attend. The Atlantic City Pop Festival was three days long with 10 bands per day and it took place at the Atlantic City race track. Unlike Woodstock, which took place 2 weeks later, this fest was well run, with few snafus.

The stage was smartly designed by Buckminster Fuller and was set up in the center of the field. The front stage was a half circle, with the following band set up behind them on another half circle.

As soon as one set ended, the round stage was turned so that the next band was ready to play in just a few minutes. Brilliant, and it worked smoothly! For me and many of the , folks who attended, it was a life-changing experience!

I saw and heard how music could bring folks together, inspire and nurture them, all united, not divided. I heard that there were some cancelations and additions so the list above is as far as I remember it. You can view my ticket stub and an early pic of me with my first true love from on our Instagram feed if you choose. We sold out of the initial 20 immediately and ordered another 25 ASAP.

Unfortunately, Jean-Marc, who runs the label left for a month long tour, so we had to wait for him to get back. Last week we got the first part of our order for 2 dozen box sets, which were then shipped out as quickly as we could. Hence, we will take care of all back-orders as well having another dozen copies to sell shortly.

Thanks for your patience! On the shore lay Montezuma With his coca leaves and pearls In his halls he often wondered With the secrets of the worlds. And his subjects Gathered 'round him Like the leaves around a tree In their clothes of many colors For the angry gods to see. And the women all were beautiful And the men stood Straight and strong They offered life in sacrifice So that others could go on. Hate was just a legend And war was never known The people worked together And they lifted many stones.

And they carried them To the flatlands But they died along the way And they built up With their bare hands What we still can't do today. And I know she's living there And she loves me to this day I still can't remember when Or how I lost my way. He came dancing across the water Cortez, Cortez What a killer. I bought his first self-titled album when it was released in 50 years ago and it knocked me out.

Soon thereafter, Mr. By the time I graduated college in , I had pretty much given up on most rock music except of the Dead, Little Feat and Captain Beefheart. I was blown away and once more became a Neil Young fan-addict. I went back to rediscover Mr. There is something universal about the way Mr.

Young describes the building of the pyramids? We are are still trying to build something which connects all of us mortals, a bridge to a better world perhaps?!? It is time to unite, not divide! Just about everyone in the town of Cicely, Alaska where this show takes place is saddened since they are attached to the tree due to their good memories. The town struggles with cutting Old Vicky down, causing arguments amongst the townfolks.

In the end Maurice Minifield, a former astronaut and local rich guy, finally cuts down the old tree. The final scene shows just the stump left with a new tree planted next to it. It reminds me of the way we treat Mother Earth, often not with the respect that she deserves. The climate catastrophe deniers are liars and fools but we all know better. Foundation labels.

All orders will be filled once any of these boxes arrive. We never know how long it will take for orders to come from Poland or Lithuania or France, so please be patient, we intend to make everyone happy. Also, the two new Tzadik discs we listed last week have a new release date which is Friday, July 26th and the price of Mr.

Be prepared to have your mind blown! Jazz is livin' high off nickels and dimes, Telling folks 'bout what's on your mind, Jazz ain't nothin' but soul! Trumpets, cassettes, slide trombone, Rhythm, makin' love, People wearin' fancy clothes, It's the voice of my people! For me, jazz is all the truth to be found, Never mind who's puttin' it down, Jazz ain't nothin' but soul! Jazz ain't nothin' but soul! Chocolates, coffee, saxophones, Rhythm, makin' love, People wearin' fancy clothes, It's the voice of my people!

Bond St. The above song was his theme song and he titled his first? Give the song a listen, it should make you smile. I felt like I was in Jazz Heaven and honored to be there! Or is there..?!? If you want to donate any money, here is our paypal address: ebay downtownmusicgallery. You can also donate vinyl in good shape. If you decide to donate records and you are not local, let us know. We can pay for the shipping. It is slower for us in the Summertime so please come visit, shop, talk and check out the live music in our Free Sunday Music Series.

We have a friendly and informed staff so… Tell your friends and family. It completely blew my teenage mind and I have been a Mothers Freak ever since. I recited those words to a 7th grade music appreciation class in middle school and can still recite them verbatim today!

It is Independent Day today, so we are supposed to celebrate our independence… but from what?!? I had a dream recently that I became the captain of the International Anti-Fascist League, a peace-keeping army of volunteers. You must stand up for what you believe is right! Put away your I-phones and talk to your neighbors, shake their hands and give them a hug.

We are in this mess together so reach out… This is how it starts, it is time to heal. Blow your harmonic son! There tons of interviews and reviews of all sorts of jazz recordings. The first six of you who ask will receive your free copy along with your next mail-order. Each Cadence runs more than pages. Was is in the water, the air or just the drugs folks were taking?

The above song was a hit for the First Edition in early Cloud and Southwest F. My advice: read the words to this song and think twice before dropping any psychedelic drugs.

Rare Solo Set! Mystery guests? CD Release Celebration!!! The past few weeks have been an exciting and demanding time for yours truly. First there was the Victo Fest in Quebec, 21 sets in four days in May 16thth and then there was the Vision Fest at Roulette in Brooklyn June 11thth , which had some 30 or so sets in six days!

Two extraordinary music experiences! This was also a pre birthday celebration for me and I did indulge a bit too much in food, drink and some dancing. I did get some lovely cards and e-mail from family and friends and feel much better today, just back from yoga class at the Y.

I finally finished my Victo review which will be transmitted shortly sorry for the delay. You know who still loves you all, me, Bruce Lee G. So, I completely understand why folks wait to attend festivals like this just a few times per year.

There were eight mini-sets and all were great in their own ways. The duos with Kidd Jordan, Peter Brotzmann and Milford Graves were all wonderful And although all three of these men are getting older, the fire, passion and creative juices remain intact! It is June of and I am glad to be alive! Yours truly, BLG, has attended every year since the first one And will continue to do so, for as long as I can! Rare Monday, June 10th Event!

This is a rare New York appearance by Shakespearean actor Mr. Rouffaer who lives in Gent, Belgium. Is this some sort of joke you're playing? Is it 'cause we didn't pray? Well I can't see the point of the word without the action Are you just hot air, breathing over us and over all? Is it fun watching us all? Where's your son? We want him again! And next time you send your boy down here Give him a wife and a sexy daughter Someone we can understand Who's got some ideas we can use, really relate to We've all read your rules, tried them Learnt them in school, then tried them They're impossible rules And you've made us look fools Well done, God, but now please Don't hunt me down, for Heaven's sake!

You know that I'm only joking, aren't I? Pardon me, I'm very drunk! But I know what I'm trying to say And it's nearly night time And we're still alone Waiting for something unknown, still waiting So throw down a stone, or something Give us a sign, for Christ's sake!

After four fabulous albums by the Softs, Volumes 1 - 4, Mr. Tragedy stuck when Mr. That record became the favorite album of many Robert Wyatt fans worldwide myself included , it remains a true treasure today.

Robert Wyatt is still alive, thanks God , but is retired from his music-making career. I still return to his ten or so albums regularly for solace. Special thanks to Robert Wyatt, will his wonders never cease.

Give me five, I'm still alive. Ain't no luck, I learned to duck. Check my pulse, it don't change. Stays seventy-two come shine or rain. Wave the flag, pop the bag, Rock the boat, skin the goat. Wave that flag, wave it wide and high.

Summertime done come and gone, my, oh, my. I'm Uncle Sam, that's who I am; Been hidin' out in a rock and roll band. Barnum and Charlie Chann. Shine your shoes, light the fuse. Can you use them old U. I'll drink ya health, share ya wealth, Run ya life, steal ya wife. Back to back chicken shack. Son of a gun, better change your act.

We're all confused, what's to lose, You can call this all the United States Blues. For me, this studio album is near perfect, every song is uplifting, musically speaking.

I listened to this song in the long car ride up and back, sang along and it did make me smile. The Book Beriah cd box set was a labor of love, three years in the making, and we put a huge amount of Tzadik funding into making it happen. To help offset this HUGE loss for us we have initiated a limited edition vinyl series. Please help us by purchasing the collection — and spread the word to your friends! Yes and unlike any other one. If you have never listened to one, this is a great place to start.

Not Too weird but just weird enough. This is the 35th anniversary, which is most impressive considering how much challenging music is going on up there.

Perhaos I will move up there and never come back. Only kidding. Do it now. No need to feel sad, If we ever get a hold on you What you need is Motherly love Come on get it now Motherly love Forget about The brotherly and otherly love Motherly love Is just the thing for you You know your Mothers' gonna love ya Till ya don't know what to do Nature's been good To this here band Don't ever think we're shy Send us up some little groupies And we'll take their hands And rock 'em till they sweat and cry What you need is Motherly love Get it now Motherly love Forget about The brotherly and otherly love Motherly love Is just the thing for you You know your Mothers' gonna love ya Till ya don't know what to do We can love ya Till ya have a heart attack You'd best believe that's true We'll bite your neck And scratch your back Till you don't know what to do What you need is Motherly love Motherly love Forget about The brotherly and otherly love Motherly love Is just the thing for you You know your Mothers' gonna love ya Till ya don't know what to do You know I've got a little Motherly love for you baby You know I've got a little Motherly love for you honey You know it doesn't bother me at all That you're only 18 years old 'Cause I got a little Motherly love for you baby Pow pow pow pow This Sunday is Mothers Day!

Please take some time to reach out and thank your Mother or keep her in your thoughts if she is no longer with you. My Mom has been and will remain an inspiration to me. She turned 90 in November of last year and I was honored to help her with her birthday celebration in Florida several months ago.

The above song is from the first Mothers of Invention record, which changed my life when I bought in the Summer of ay t age Opens at Slowly it wanders,--pauses,--creeps,-- Anon it sparkles,--flashes and leaps; And ever as onward it gleaming goes A light on the Bong-tree stems it throws. For day and night he was always there By the side of the Jumbly Girl so fair, With her sky-blue hands, and her sea-green hair. Of vast proportions and painted red, And tied with cords to the back of his head.

And now each night, and all night long, Over those plains still roams the Dong; And above the wall of the Chimp and Snipe You may hear the sqeak of his plaintive pipe While ever he seeks, but seeks in vain To meet with his Jumbly Girl again; Lonely and wild--all night he goes,-- The Dong with a luminous Nose! Most of them, I have remained friends with more than 40 years later. I memorized it way back when and have performed it at jam sessions on a couple of occasions.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that is does make sense, you just have to read below the surface a bit. It still inspires silly laughter if you let it. There were allegedly record store in Manhattan when we opened at East 5th St.

Rare Earth. Kangding Ray. Really For Real. Red Guitars. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. Red Nose Distrikt. Lou Reed. Reflection A. Reform Club. Reinhard Voigt. Revue 4ad. Ricardo Villalobos. Ricardo Villalobos and Oren Am. Cliff Richard. Richard Fearless. Denise Rich. Lionel Richie. Porter Ricks. Stan Ridgway. Emma Ridley. River City People. Roberto Clementi.

John Roberts. Nick Robertson And Slice. Robbie Robertson. Tom Robinson. Rock Around Bochum. Paul Roland. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. Roll the Dice. Roll the Dice Meets Pole. Rome Is Not A Town.

Rosa Mota. Rose Of Avalanche. Roter Stern Belgrad. Roxy Music. Royal Trux. Rude Culture. Phil Saatchi. Sad Cafe. Sadomagickal Seducer. Saint Agnes. Buffy Sainte Marie. Saint Etienne. Saints aussie Punk Group. Salvation goth Group. Samsas Traum.

Samuel Rohrer. Peter Sarstedt. Sascha Funke. Sebastien Bouchet. School Of Fish. Ingrid Schroeder. Screaming Marionettes. Secret Machines. See See Rider. Self Defense Family. Sensation indie Group. Senseless Things. Senses Fail. Shabby Tiger. Shakespears Sister. Shift Work. Shine 80's Group. Michelle Shocked. Shooting Star. Sia Tolno. Sidi Bou Said. Signs Of Life. Sigur Ros.

Silversun Pickups. Sing Sing And The Crime. Sisters Of Mercy. Skeletal Family. Skid Row us Rock Group. Skull Defekts. Slaughter indie. Smithereens us Group. Snail Mail. Martyn Snapes. Frank Soda. Soft As Snow.

Soft Parade dutch Indie Band. Some Nerve. Something Happens. Sons And Daughters. Sonny Southon. Spear Of Destiny. Special Aka. John Springate. Rick Springfield. Bruce Springsteen. Sprinkler 90's Group. Michael Stanley Band. Steve Morell. Shakin Stevens. Dave Stewart And Barbara Gaskin. Stiff Kittens. St Paul. Strap N Jack. Strawberry Switchblade. Style Council. Sutherland Brothers.

Sven Weisemann. Sweet Baboo. Tall Dwarfs. Bel Tane. Tangerine Dream. Taste Of Paradise. Andy Taylor. James Taylor. James Taylor Quartet. Bram Tchaikovsky. John Tejada. Tender Lugers. Terrence Fixmer. Hardy Morris. That Petrol Emotion.

Thee Hypnotics. Then Jerico. Therapy rock Group. Theus Mago. Third Eye Foundation. Third Man early 90's Group. This Experience.

This Picture. This Ragged Jack. A G Thomas. Thomass Jackson. Chris Thompson. Times tv Personalities Spin Off. Time Uk. To Kill A King. Tony Toni Tone.

Too Much Texas. Emiliana Torrini. Kim Townsend. Pete Townshend. Pete Townshend And Ronnie Lane. Toy indie. January 1, Top 20 videos of Source for this playlist: Jon C.

Cocteau Twins — Carolyn's Fingers Soul Asylum — Sometime To Return Michelle Shocked — Anchorage Wire — Kidney Bingos Peter Murphy — All Night Long The Smithereens — Only A Memory Sinead O'Connor — Mandinka 9.

Morrissey — Suedehead 6. Yet even in these times, a few performers, like Fairport Convention , were primarily known for their cover versions, while many folk and blues artists covered songs by their contemporaries, or did versions of material dating from earlier decades.

Pre Peel shows also include plenty of British covers of American songs, illustrating a long tradition in British pop. Peel was especially happy to air new versions of songs that were personal favourites, including at least a dozen covers of Teenage Kicks.

Das Damen: Noon Daylight: What Goes On: $ uk: ps/black/white lbl/solid centre/glossy slv: m-/m Data: Fallout: Polydor: $ nor: ps/red/black/white logo lbl/press release: m-/m Date With Soul: Yes Sir That's My Baby: Stateside: SS $ uk: black/silver lbl: vg++: Daudi Kabaka & Fadhili with Sonko.

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  1. A Hawk & A Hacksaw "Darkness at Noon" $ A Hawk & A Hacksaw "Delivrance" $ A Hawk & A Hacksaw "s/t" $ A Pregnant Light "My Name Doesn't Have A Name" TEMP OUT A Sunny Day in Glasgow "Sea When Absent" $ ABC "Alphabet City" TEMP OUT ABC "Be Near Me" TEMP OUT ABC "Beauty Stab" TEMP OUT.
  2. ps/drawings lbl/solid centre/red vinyl/glossy slv/hype sticker on slv/limited edition: m-/m Dan Sartain: Replacement Man: One Little Indian: TP7: $ uk: ps/drawings lbl/solid centre/red vinyl/glossy slv/hype sticker on slv/limited edition/2 pages press release in Danish: m-/m Dan Sundquist & Prins Valiant: Älskling Jag Hatar.
  3. Apr 18,  · Das Damen - Bug Das Damen - Warm Daylight Das Efx - Bakneffek Das Efx - Freakit Das Efx - Mic Checka Das Efx - Rap Scholar Das Efx - Real Hip Hop Das Efx - Straight From Da Sewer Das Efx - They Want Efx (Version 1) Data - Stop Dave Alvin - New Tattoo Dave Davies - .
  4. May 27,  · Playlist: June '09 1/ Dubversion's Shitborg Mix 2/ Supine - Cosmic Thursday 3/ Silv3rtone - Cloud 11 4/ Skulltrane - Cutty Dubs 5/ Ringo - Wood For the Fire 6/ Jack of Dubs - Melodic and Percussive 7/ Kershy - Classic House 8/ Placid - TB or not TB 9/ Magneze - Teckno.
  5. Sep 24,  · Das Damen – Noon Daylight Dramarama – Last Cigarette The Creatures – Standing There The Smiths – How Soon Is Now Psychedelic Furs – House Ramones – Merry Christmas Baby Stone Roses – I Wanna be Adored Jesus and Mary Chain – Blues From a Gun Hex – Etheral Message b52s – Roam The Ocean Blue – Drifting, Falling.
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  8. On stage, Das Damen blast a battery of three-song canon shots, crushing the wah-pedal and soaring through the air with long-haired abandon. This is a chapter of punk rock most people haven't read. Consider this a lesson worth reviewing in your textbook. Start with "Traiskaidekaphobe" from SST records and "High Anxiety" from Sub Pop. You'll 5/5(1).

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